Services to Lenders

We offer the following skilled, professional, results-oriented services to Lenders:

Project or Portfolio Evaluation, Analyses, and Recommendations

‣Review and Evaluate:

*Market Research

*Property Appraisals

*Engineering and Consultants’ Reports 

*Market Strategies

*Project Plans and Design Elements

*Sales/Leasing Programs

‣Perform Current Financial Analyses

‣Identify Optimal Product Mix and Price Points

‣Perform Thorough, Updated Due Diligence Reports

‣Review Status of Entitlements to Prevent Loss of Development Rights

‣Review Permits to Ensure Required Conditions Are Being Met

‣Assess Project or Portfolio Feasibility with Recommendations

Serve As Project or Portfolio Chief Restructuring Officer

‣Stabilization of Project or Portfolio

‣Project Management Services

‣Structure Transactions for Optimal Return

‣Negotiate Contracts and Agreements

Expert Testimony

Development Completion

‣Manage Construction: Horizontal and Vertical

‣Oversee Compliance with Governance and Stewardship


‣Negotiate Contracts and Agreements

‣Manage Turnovers and Dispositions

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